• steel plated arch support
  • anti-slippery padded soft man-made leather sole
  • suede leather bottom
  • STYLE SD-2350

    2012 New Style.
    High fashion look and design, excellent comfort and function. Suitable for professional dancers.

    Picture shows in copper satin, 3"sf heel

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    Inventory Items
    LSDS-2350-2084 - $101.00 $61.00
    Satin: Copper ( DB3 )
    Size: US 6.5      Width: Medium      Heel: 3 SF ( 75mm-sf )
    LSDS-2350-2086 - $101.00 $61.00
    Satin: Copper ( DB3 )
    Size: US 7.5      Width: Medium      Heel: 3 SF ( 75mm-sf )
    LSDS-2350-2087 - $101.00 $61.00
    Satin: Copper ( DB3 )
    Size: US 8      Width: Medium      Heel: 3 SF ( 75mm-sf )
    LSDS-2350-2088 - $101.00 $61.00
    Satin: Copper ( DB3 )
    Size: US 8.5      Width: Medium      Heel: 3 SF ( 75mm-sf )
    LSDS-2350-2089 - $101.00 $61.00
    Satin: Copper ( DB3 )
    Size: US 9      Width: Medium      Heel: 3 SF ( 75mm-sf )

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