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Free accessories (heel protectors, heel saver or clear straps) for ladies' dance shoes.
Free shipping on all close out inventory orders over $50 within US.
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  • Customer Testimonial
    Jani Szukk, Professional competitor, Louisville, KY
    "We have 2 dance studios in KY,and our students had different dance shoes before. Since I'm with SoulDancer USA® dance shoes I made everybody buy only your shoes because I'm very impressed with your shoes......" More

    Becky Jewell, KS
    "First time I put them on, I danced all afternoon. They felt so comfortable, attractive and added much pleasure to my dancing."
    What's New
  • 02/2023 - Free priority shipping on all close out inventory orders over $50.
  • 07/2022 - Visit our online store at: BDDanceUSA.com
  • 07/2014 - Announcing our new luxury brand: BDDance
  • We have built website for studio owners and teachers. Please contact us for the great referral programs.
  • Last updated: 7/13/2024
    Dance Shoes
    SoulDancer USA® dance shoes are expertly designed by Italian designers and combined with fine workmanship to provide full support and comfort to your dancing feet with the following characteristics: solid, sturdy, long-lasting and stylist. You also can design your dream dance shoes with more than 100 different colors and materials.
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